Istihale was created and founded by Mr. Tyla Angelis, a British Entrepreneur who established Istihale, where he wanted to bring a new dimension and platform for Real Estate Investors, Individual Buyers and Property Developers alike in the way they trade in Real Estate within Turkey. Istihale also specialises in selling high yielding residential properties and commercial investments. Istihale residential properties are as much as 50% lower then the market value, with residential rental yields of up to 11%, which is currently unheard of in Turkey. Istihale also has a High Net Worth Commercial Corporate Investment Portfolio available for International Investors, which are not available on the open market and are discreetly and exclusively being sold by Istihale. Our Corporate Commercial Investment portfolio range from Banks, Government Buildings, Universities, Supermarkets and other Retail Chain Outlets, all our investment properties are tenanted With Rental Yields ranging from 5% - 11% and rents payable and sales price in U.S Dollars, whilst others in Turkish Lira making great investments for both domestic and international investors alike. We provide a full service from the purchase of a property including renting, management, decorating, as well as legal services. We provide a full service for foreigners to gain Turkish citizenship under the new government legislation of investing $300.000 in real estate.
Hussam Arnaout
Zorlu Center R2 Blok Kat : T2 No:202 Beşiktaş / İstanbul.

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صورة الاعلان: شقق جديدة غرفة و صالون ضمن ريزيدنس راقي في أسنيورت ، إسطنبول في تركيا
شقة سكنية غرفة و صالون بمساحة 78 م٢ تقع في الطابق الثالث في مبنى مكون من ١٢ طابق في منطقة إسنيورت في إسطنبول . تتميز الشقق بعائد إس...
409,000 ليره

أسنيورت - إسطنبول
78 متر 1 غرف قابل للتفاوض

409,000 ليره

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